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  • AI reveals unsuspected math underlying search for exoplanetsPhys.Org - Science X staff

    Artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms trained on real astronomical observations now outperform astronomers in sifting through massive amounts of data to find new exploding stars, identify new types of galaxies and detect the mergers of massive stars, accele…

  • Neptune: The farthest planet from our sunLive Science - Patrick Pester

    Neptune is one of two "ice giants" in the solar system.

  • When to Watch the Tau Herculid Meteor - Emily Long

    Cap your Memorial Day weekend with a (possible) space spectacle.

  • 5 Bizarre Medical Conditions You've Never Heard OfSciTechDaily

    You've probably heard of many diseases and health problems that befall humanoids, but there are some strange syndromes out there that you probably aren't familiar with. How many of these unusual medical conditions have you heard of? Exploding Head Syndrome Im…

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